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Make Your Child Math Genius


Abacus is a century-old math tool, used for calculation.It is used widely by many, mainly, the merchants and traders mostly in Asian and African countries and also in other parts of the world. Even though the oldest Abacus found is said to be as old as belonging to 300 BC, and were in use in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Greek, Rome and India, its usages are much found in All Over World.

It is divided into two regions, the Upper Bead, and the Lower Bead. The division is marked by a center rod which is called as a Middle Bar. It helps to do the Mental Calculation improving Brains Activity. It is used for addition, subtraction, multiplication division.


Function of Abacus :

Our brain gets stimulated through our sense organs, and there are sensory nerves and motor nerves which carry the information from the organs to the brain and also from the brain to the organs, the input for the brain has to come through your organs, so the beads are designed in such a beautiful way that when the children handle it with their fingers the nerve endings get stimulated which in turn stimulates the cells which are in the brain. So the left hand where it is used the cells on the right side of the brain are stimulated, and the right hand is used the cells on the left side are stimulated, both right and left brain work in coordination, visualizing is right brains activity, and interpreting is the left brains activity both go together and that is how the whole brain development is assured.


Who Can Learn Abacus ?

1. All the Children for age group 4 yrs to 14 yrs, can learn Abacus.

2. Children must only know number to read and write from 1 to 10


Why Choose ABACUS ?

Abacus Helps In Whole Brain Development

Whole Brain Development – The Outlook is Bright When Left Brain Meets Right Most brain development in children occurs primarily before the age of 14, with much of that development taking place in the first several years of life. Children retain significant “neuroplasticity”, meaning brain adaptability that allows growth and inter-connection of brain neurons. The Program is designed to develop the integrated and motoring functions from both sides of the brain. When children manipulate the beads of the Abacus, communication between the hands and the brain stimulates the brain’s right and left hemispheres. The right hemisphere – abstract side – creates an image memory of the beads on the Abacus while the left hemisphere – logical side – applies the requisite rules to perform the calculation. Because the right hemisphere of the brain is much faster than the left, when the students exercise the right side through ‘visualization’, this results in strengthening the right-brain capabilities such as:


Easy Mental Calculation
Listening Skills
Memory Power
Self Confidence
Calculate Faster Than Calculator
Memory Retention








AK Academy is Franchisee Of Smart Kid Abacus Pvt. Ltd. With 3000+ Abacus Franchise, 5000+ Centers, 100000+ Individuals. Students with state of the art Abacus Training provided across India in 27 States,4 Union Territories and & Globally with International Presence in 22 Countries

AK Academy Abacus is a unique and essential skill development programme for children of the age group 4 to 14 years which focuses on improving essential learning skills. AK ACademy is fully committed and passionate about providing the best "Abacus Training" experience for the kids. We Conduct Abacus Classes/ Abacus Online Classes for Kids. Online Abacus Classes are conducted Twice Or Once a week for 60 Minutes. There is flexibility in timings & Students can choose from wide/multiple variety of courses.


Why AK Academy Abacus?


✪ Enjoy The Fun Of Learning Abacus

 Easy Conceptual Way of Learning

 Learn To Compete And Win

 Feel And Act More Confident With Lots Of Activity Based Learning Method

 Enhances The Coordination Between Eyes, Ears And Hands

  More Focus On Teaching Abacus Mental Math Skills For Life Long

 Our Class Is Customized As Per Student Agewise

  Dedicated Online Virtual Application

 Once In A Week 2 Hour Classes

 Teacher Student Ratio 1:8

 Session Includes instruction, Revision, Classwork, Audio & Visual Activities, Practice.

 Each Session Is Compact & Efficient:

Parents Will Typically Be Able To See Results Very Quickly. 


This is Eight Level course with 5 as basic and 3 advance levels.


Toddler Abacus (Jr.Kg)

This is 1 Level Program (3 Months) for Junior KG Students. The students learn to represent 1 to 50 Numbers on Abacus Instrument.

Toddler Abacus (Sr.Kg)

This is 1 Level Program (3 Months) for Senior KG Students. The students learn to represent 1 to 100 Numbers on Abacus Instrument and also learn Single/Double Digit Addition and Subtraction (Without Formulas) on Abacus Instrumet.

Runner - (Age Group 4-9yrs)

This is 5 Level Program (Level will be either 3 or 4 Months dependinig upon the Syllabus to be covered) for students between 1st to 4th Standard. Total duration is of 17 Months.

Sprinters - (Age Group 10-14yrs) 

This is 4 Level Program (Level will be either 3 or 4 Months depending upon the Syllabus to be covered) for students who are in 5th Standard and above. Total duration is of 13 Months.

Advance Level

This is 2 Level Program. Each level is of 4 months. Students after completing Runners or Sprinters Program are qualified to attend Advance Program.

Grand Level

This is 2 Level Prorgram. Each level is of 4 months. Students after completing Advance Program are qualified to attend Grand Program.


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